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  1. The moral of the story is always to have a back-up plan, and don't base your show so heavily on backing tapes that you can't actually play the show without them. Remember the old technicians' motto: if it can go wrong, it will — and usually on your most important gig.
  2. Adhesive tape is available in a wide variety of styles, including duct, electrical, painters, packaging, and high temperature tape. Typically adhered to a surface with one or both sides, tapes may be self-adhering, be pressure sensitive, or have an adhesive strip with a removable paper or plastic backing.
  3. Fiback Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape is an innovative substitute for traditional back purging methods that provides protection to the backside of the weld environment and ensures a high quality finish.
  4. Universal Adhesive Tape Measure Ruler - Adhesive Measuring Tapes with Sticky Back - Easy to Read, Left-to-Right Rulers with Adhesive Backing That Sticks to Most Surfaces (36 Inches) out of 5 stars $ $ 8. Get it as soon as Tue, Aug FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon.
  5. The backing is the same heavy-duty cotton twill fabric used for military name tapes. The backing may shrink slightly or fade with repeated washings. The cost is reasonable, no minimum quantity, fast turnaround and no setup charge. Each name tape is custom embroidered on a fabric tape that is one inch high with lettering that is inches high.
  6. A double sided tape has pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides to bond parts together without visible fasteners. Heavy-duty double stick tape bond lines can be as thin as a fraction of a millimeter up to a thick foam that helps damp vibrations. The 3M adhesives used can range from low-tack for repositioning up to structural bonding strengths used to hold architectural panels and glass in place.
  7. A backing track is an audio recording on audiotape, CD or a digital recording medium or a MIDI recording of synthesized instruments, sometimes of purely rhythmic accompaniment, often of a rhythm section or other accompaniment parts that live musicians play along with or sing along to.
  8. Tape with paper backing is a good option for short-term use on packages that aren't subjected to rough handling or temperature extremes. Vinyl and PVC tapes provide increased strength and durability against chemicals and temperature changes. Choose Adhesive Types of Packing Tape Based on the Application.
  9. Backing Material Polyethylene Foam (73) Polyester (59) Foam (55) Polypropylene Film (50) The tape's capability to permanently bond polypropylene sheets was actually a secondary benefit to its ability to design a cost-efficient means for water to flow through the unit. Last year was a .

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