Alls Well That Ends Well(Side 2)

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  2. A list of all the characters in All's Well That Ends Well The All's Well That Ends Well characters include: Helena, Bertram, Countess, King of France, Lafew, Parolles, First Lord, Second Lord, Diana, Widow, Mariana, Duke of Florence, Clown, Steward.
  3. Sit, my preserver, by thy patient’s side, And with this healthful hand, whose banish’d sense. Thou hast repeal’d, a second time receive. The confirmation of my promis’d gift, All's Well that Ends Well: Act 2, Scene 2; All's Well that Ends Well: Act 2, Scene 4; Follow us on Twitter; Like us on Facebook; Keep me logged in. Login.
  4. This page contains the original text of All’s Well That Ends Well, Act 4, Scene oransilkasurcoahiplicawafalnews.coinfopeare’s original All’s Well That Ends Well text is extremely long, so we’ve split the text into one Scene per page. All Acts are listed on the All’s Well That Ends Well text page, or linked to from the bottom of this page. All’s Well That Ends Well, Act 4, Scene 2: Florence.
  5. All's well that ends well; still the fine's the crown; Whate'er the course, the end is the renown. Exeunt. SCENE V. Rousillon. The COUNT's palace. Enter COUNTESS, LAFEU, and Clown LAFEU No, no, no, your son was misled with a snipt-taffeta fellow there, whose villanous saffron would have made all the unbaked and doughy youth of a nation in.
  6. Jun 12,  · Running time: 2 hours (without intermission) We open our 23rd season July 6 to 22 with "All's Well That Ends Well," directed by Karla Hendrick. It's the first time this play has been presented in a parking lot, ever. Helena is the only daughter of a famous French physician.
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  8. All's Well That Ends Well. print/save view: Previous scene: Play menu: Next scene Act IV, Scene 2. Florence. The Widow’s house. [Enter BERTRAM and DIANA] Bertram. They told me that your name was Fontibell. Diana. No, my good lord, Diana. ; Bertram. Titled goddess; And worth it, with addition!.
  9. sequent to your whipping: you would answer very well to a whipping, if you were but bound to't. ; Clown. I ne'er had worse luck in my life in my 'O Lord, sir!' I see things may serve long, but not serve ever. Countess. I play the noble housewife with the time To entertain't so merrily with a fool. Clown. O Lord, sir! why, there't serves well.

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